Expert Advice

Get the help you need on those tough depreciation questions.

It seems these days it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep track of all the latest law changes and accounting procedures. Let Pro System Inc.'s fixed assets team help answer those questions for you and how they impact your business or clients. They will help guide you through the impacts each change has and how to best use CMI Fixed Assets to your advantage.


Not sure on how a tool works in CMI Fixed Assets?

Needing help understanding CMI Fixed Assets or just depreciation in general? Pro Systems, Inc. has knowledgeable advisors to help train you and your staff in the use of CMI Fixed Assets or to just answer basic depreciation questions. Whether training a group of employees or a one-on-one session, CMI is happy to help your organization develop their knowledge of accounting procedures and CMI Fixed Assets.

General Questions

Yeah you can do that.

There are questions that come up everyday regarding how CMI Fixed Assets can benefit a company or how it can best be used within an organization. We also get many questions about how CMI Fixed assets works and can it handle specific situations relating to your company. Call us anytime and visit with our knowledgeable staff who will be happy to answer your question, no matter how complicated or easy it is. Our goal it to provide you with all the information needed to best benefit your company.

Data Conversion

Import your present fixed asset data.

Are you upgrading from a different fixed assets system? These options are available to convert your data to work with our asset management software:

  • Automatic data import - All versions of our fixed assets system come with an import utility that can convert data from Best Systems' PC/FAS, FAS 1000, FAS 2000, and FAS for Windows; AICPA Depreciaton; Prentice Hall Depreciation; BNA; and others. Call us for more information.
  • Custom data import - If our import utility doesn't cover your old fixed asset software, we can convert the data for you. CMI will import company data for a fee of $125 per hour with a one hour minimum.
  • Re-enter your assets - For small numbers of fixed assets, this is often the easiest solution.

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