I run the update and I am required to enter a product code.


You may have installed CMI Fixed Assets into a different directory than your previous installation.

  1. find directory of previous installation.
  2. reinstall software into previous installation directory.

I try to select a company but none appear in the company select window.


The Master file has been deleted or just needs to be refreshed.

  1. Go to tools> Rebuild Files and select Master File.
    This will rebuild the Master File allowing you to see your company(ies)

I run the update and I receive a file in use error.


As with most software you will need to close CMI Fixed Assets before actually doing an upgrade.
Simply close the software and click try again

I want to move my data to the server.


  1. Go to File> Copy Assets> Normal Copy.
  2. The copy asset window will show up. Click the browse button under the "Copy Company to Folder" field. Find the location on the server where the data will be stored, and hit ok.
  3. Select all companies and click copy.
  4. Then go to Tools> Configuration.
  5. Select a configuration and click the browse button.
  6. Browse to the folder where the company data is located then click ok and ok again. Now when you select a company all the companies should appear.

Is there a way to change group asset locations?


  1. Go to Tools> Change Multiple Assets> Change Values.
  2. In the Change Multiple Assets Screen select Change All Assets or Select Assets to Change, depending on what you need to do.
  3. Then select which definition you want to change such as location.
  4. Click the Setup button and change values as needed.
  5. Click Ok then click Change Assets; you will be prompted to back up the company.
  6. If you choose Select Assets to Change a Select Assets window will appear, Here you can select which assets you want (on how to use the Select Asset window refer to the tutorial).

Can I look at the reports before I print them off?


Due to the fact that reports and schedules don't always print out the way we think they should, CMI Fixed Assets has a print to screen option.
In the first screen of any report or schedule there is a print to box. In this box select Screen/Clipboard.

I want to add a schedule to my existing set of schedules


  1. Go to Tools> Schedule Conversions.
  2. In the Copy/Convert Schedules window, you can copy to new schedule or to an existing schedule. Choose Copy to new schedule.
  3. Now choose what schedule you want to create from an existing schedule, in the copy from and copy to boxes.
  4. In the Conversion Type box you can choose how to convert the existing schedule.
  5. Click ok, make a backup and you're all done.

Can I export data from an Excel spreadsheet


  1. Go to File> Export Company Text Files here you export your data to a text file.
  2. From there open up the exported text file in Excel as a tab delimited text file.

When I try to print the 4562 I receive a "unable to print laser form. 4562.emf may be missing..." error.


Some times this file is not recognized by certain computers, so all that has to be done is get new files and restart the computer.

  1. Go to ftp://ftp.thesystem.com/thesystem
  2. If you are using Internet Explorer go to View>Open Ftp Site in Windows Explorer. Then select the emf files that are needed and copy and paste them to the program directory, and click yes to override.
  3. If using Fire Fox or other browser simply click on the emf files needed and save them to the program directory, and click yes to override.
  4. Now restart windows and you're all done.


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