CMI Fixed Assets Updates

How to Install Updates:

Step 1: Fill in the information request including your name, company, serial number and email address then click | Get Update |. To find your serial number open CMI | Help | About |. While there make note of your current CMI Program Path. It can be found on the main screen of the software in black lettering. Be sure toclose the program before continuing with the update.


Step 2: Click the | Click here to download | link then choose to run or save the file once prompted. If you choose to run the file the CMI Fixed Assets Setup Wizard will pop up and begin running right away. Click | Next|.


Step 3: Here you will be prompted to enter the password. The current password will have been included in the update email you just received.


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Step 4: On the Custom Setup screen you’ll want to make sure that the path (at the bottom of this screen) is the same as your current Program Path within CMI Fixed Assets. If not, click the | Browse | button and find the correct path before proceeding. If this is not a new install on a new computer and you are prompted to enter a Product Code once the install concludes then most likely the software was installed within the incorrect program path. It will then need to be removed and restarted in the correct path. Call us at 1-800-678-3658 and we’ll walk you through this process if you need assistance.


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Step 5: Click | Next | then click | Install |. When prompted by the CMI Fixed Assets Setup Wizard click | Finish|.


Step 6: To make sure the install of the update was successful open CMI then click | Help | About |. The version number should match the version number available on the Update page of our website.


If you have any questions or need any assistance with the update please feel free to contact us at 1-800-678-3658. As always you can reach CMI Fixed Assets Technical Support between the hours of 8 AM EST and 5 PM MST at the 800 number or at

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